Front Desk/Receptionist

Sara Thanghe

Sara is our receptionist. She was born 29 years ago in Bangkok, Thailand and raised mostly in Saudi Arabia. Her father worked for Sauidi Aramco while her and her siblings went to an American based school. She is the second youngest of seven siblings who all reside in the US now. When her father retired from the company they moved to Federal Way. Sara graduted from Thomas Jefferson High School in 1997 and started working full-time in the medical billing field. She got married in 2003 to Nick, who is a military veteran. They now have three sons and a granddaughter. They found some property and a house in the hills north of Chelan where they now live and have no intentions of leaving. Sara enjoys being outdoors, especially camping, fishing, boating, and sunbathing. She loves the Lake Chelan community, all the wineries, and the lake itself.