Massage Therapist

Samantha Courtney, LMT

Samantha, also known as Sammy, Sammers, Sams, or Samamatha, was born at the head of Lake Chelan in the small town of Stehekin. She attended grade school in a one-room cabin and was likely taught by an aunt or cousin. Her hobbies include stalking bear, killing bear, skinning bear, tanning bear hides, and art. She has a few of her pieces hanging in the office but has yet to hang a tanned bear hide, despite Dr. England’s pleas.

Samantha has worked as a massage therapist in both Stehekin and Chelan. She specializes in deep tissue and Swedish massage. If you ask nicely, during a massage she might even tell you a story about a time that she made an art piece out of broken glass and crayons.