Why Did I Become a Chiropractor

People often ask me how or why I chose to become a chiropractor. It’s not the first thing that kids shout out when you ask them what they want to be when they grow up. I kind of always wanted to be what I am today, I just didn’t know the name for it when I was younger. I’ve always like helping people and have loved sports since I can remember. I knew I wanted to find a marriage of the two and thought that being a medical doctor was my best avenue.

I began as a pre-med student in college and loved the biology and science classes. Learning about the body was fascinating. On a break, I shadowed a family doctor that I had known for a long time. After a couple of hours he asked me if I was sure this was what I wanted to do. I said yes and he told me that I didn’t ask him a question that I needed to ask. He told me to ask him if he would do it all over again. When I asked he decidedly answered in the negative. He mentioned a few things about the job that I would have never thought about, but one thing that stood out was that he said he felt like a pill dispenser. He got to help people get better, but not in a hands-on way that I really wanted.

I left disappointed and a little worried. I thought I had this all planned and life was going to be straight forward. But I knew he was right and that I needed to find something else. The easiest thing would be to just shift my goal from medicine to a similar field, I set my sights on dentistry. I didn’t like dentistry and I never thought it was interesting. But the hours and the money seemed nice and pursuing that career wouldn’t require any change in my current academic path.

I took my dental plans right up to my first scheduled interview with a prospective dental school. About the time I scheduled the interview I observed work on a heavy smoker. I’ve cleaned rotten meat out of a broken freezer in the summer and it didn’t compare to the smell of whatever gum disease this poor lady had. I left the office, took a look at my meat-hook hands and realized that I had made a huge mistake.

As fate’s perfect timing would have it, this was when I met my first chiropractor. My lovely wife’s family was in town to visit and brought along a family friend, Terry, who happened to be a chiropractor. DeA had been suffering from low back pain that I couldn’t get to go away with my athletic training techniques that I had picked up from school. Terry checked her, adjusted her and gave her exercises. The pain that wasn’t going away with stretching, massage, ice, heat, exercising, voodoo or prayer was gone. That was when I realized that what I had always wanted in my career was found in chiropractic.

Thanks to my pre-med background and Biology degree it was easy to shift gears (well, easy except the part about explaining to my dad why I was giving up on dentistry and moving to Iowa to do something that he wasn’t sure about). After researching schools I decided to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic and after a few stops I was able to move my family back to the Lake Chelan Valley.

To this day I get a thrill and excitement out of helping people move and feel better. It literally makes my day to see someone walk without pain, sit without cringing or pick up their child without wincing. I cannot think of a more rewarding career that would fit me as well as this one. In a way I feel like I didn’t chose chiropractic, but more discovered it for myself. I try to share that same sense of discovery with my patients who, just like I used to be, aren’t sure what chiropractic is or how it can help them.

-Dr. Aaron England

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The High Cost Of Pain

Dr. England’s Healthy Lifestyle Advice


Pain is a mechanism that our body uses to tell us that something is wrong. It is an alarm that warns us to change or avoid doing something harmful. Unfortunately, too many of us have learned to ignore that warning and we keep pressing on. We try to minimize the meaning of pain with cliché sayings like “No pain, no gain” or “pain is weakness leaving the body”. Unfortunately pain rarely brings gains and it is definitely not weakness leaving the body. Pain is different than the soreness, achiness or fatigue that accompanies exercise. Pain is “ouch” and swear words. Ultimately pain is suffering and misery. The true cost of pain is how it changes us from a happy person to a grump that hates life and all the people in it.

The cost of pain was made perfectly clear to my lovely wife after we opened the office. She worked as a massage therapist in a day spa while I was attending Palmer College of Chiropractic. The people she would work on were typically looking for a little relaxation after stopping at Starbucks and before their kids were done with school. Before their massage, they would have their nails done and rub some skin off their face with sandpaper. It was a luxury and a pleasure. After graduation, my beautiful wife worked as a massage therapist in our office. After a few days, she told me she hated working for me and wanted to quit. I took it personal and asked what was wrong. She said that everyone she worked on was grumpy. No one was happy and relaxed, instead she was dealing with cranky sourpusses. It was then that I realized that she had never actually dealt with people in pain. These were people that needed relief, not people killing time between yoga and play dates. I convinced her to stick with it, mostly because I didn’t have another therapist at the time and was desperate. About a week later she told me that one of her crankiest patients had become one of her favorites. She was amazed to see that this former grouch was a truly wonderful person once pain wasn’t weighing on her any longer.

That transformation is one of the reasons that I love my job. The first visit can be a rough encounter. The patient is usually in considerable pain and because of it they are irritable and frustrated. The pain can be overwhelming, scary and depressing. But after a visit or two that sour outer shell starts to crack and before you know it their sweet, gooey insides are spilling out.  It’s like a human Sour Patch Kid, but even more rewarding.

The reasons that we put up with discomfort are many, but we should address them immediately. Pain wears us down whether it is severe or subtle, long or short term. There is no such thing as a “normal” pain but is a signal that something is wrong. Chiropractic care is a proven way to effectively treat many issues from head to toe. Call or stop in at England Chiropractic to start getting back to who you really are when you aren’t in pain.

-Dr. Aaron England


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