Growing Old

Every person, while still young, knew someone who was old. They likely introduced you to sayings like:

Growing old isn’t for the faint of heart.
Growing old isn’t for sissies.
Growing old is bad, but I guess it is better than the alternative.

Growing old isn’t easy, but a wise man once said “Don’t complain about growing old, it’s a luxury denied to many”. All of us will lose to Father Time, but life doesn’t have to be full of aches and pains. We have ways to minimize and delay the pains associated with getting older.

One of the greatest methods to delay the decay of aging is movement. Our bodies crave motion. It helps lubricate our joints. It strengthens our bones and maintains our muscles. Our circulation and lymph drainage are improved. It stimulates and maintains our nervous system, including our proprioceptors that help us maintain balance. One of the main reasons that elderly patients end up in assisted living is a loss of strength and function. Moving, especially appropriate exercise, helps us keep both strength and
function late into life.

Nutrition is another great tool to delay the aging process. When fed appropriately, our body can repair and replace its aging cells effectively. Simple sugars and flours can cause inflammation that affects both our bowels and our joints. Whole grains, proteins, fruits and veggies give our bodies the means it needs to keep itself in top form.

Chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy are also crucial to staying healthy later into life. Chiropractic keeps joints moving how they are supposed to, eliminating both inflammation and compensation. It also restores proper range of motion and helps prevent many types of injuries.
Massage therapy reduces inflammation, swelling, and promotes lymph flow. They both are crucial to helping people move and feel great.

We can help you feel better, and maintain your abilities, regardless of where you are on life’s path. Whether a young buck or a grizzled veteran, give us a call and we will help you be your best.


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Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month

Someone, somewhere had the great idea to have a Stress Awareness Month. I think that is the last thing that needed an awareness campaign. We are all keenly aware of how stressed out we are in our lives. Every time we see a news report about stress we stress out over our need to be less stressed. If we don’t figure something out with our stres,s our hearts will explode like the Death Star at the end of Star Wars (or the other Star Wars, or the other one…Seriously, there’s a Death Star in every other Star Wars movie, it’s time to quit recycling that plot line). Everyone already knows that they are stressed and that being stressed is bad. What we need is a Treatment of Stress Awareness Month, to let people know there are real solutions to the problem.

A piece of advice that gets shared on Facebook is to remove the stressors in your life. That is probably the worst solution possible; it is impossible to remove those things from our lives because those things are our lives. Make a list of what stresses you out and then count how many of those things you can get rid of without faking your own death. Chances are there aren’t as many as you would like. How do you deal with things that drive you nuts but aren’t going anywhere? Luckily, here are two proven ways.


The best thing to do is treat the physical manifestations of stress. Tension, aches, pains, and irritability are all consequences of being stressed. A chiropractic adjustment helps those things by relieving pressure in the joints, improving range of motion, and releasing endorphins in the body. All of which will help you feel better, move better, and live better. Coupling an adjustment with a therapeutic massage is a home run. Some might say that this is a backwards way of dealing with stress, but I have found it is
easier to live if you feel well.


The other great strategy for dealing with stress is changing your mindset. I can hear you moaning now, “Oh great, Aaron is about to tell us that the word for opportunity and problem is the same in some language that I don’t speak”. The truth is that all stress is the same to our bodies. Physically we cannot tell the difference between a wedding and funeral (and sometimes we can’t mentally, either). Stress is our body’s way of dealing with stuff, so applying a positive mindset really can make us feel better. I know as well as anyone that it is hard to stay positive when your kid writes in permanent marker on the new hardwood floors or puts a plastic plate in the microwave for five minutes for literally no reason at all. Complaining and whining is the popular thing to do, but it limits our ability to cope and to deal with stresses. Staying positive is more than a cliché saying, it is the truth.

Of course, there are other ideas for dealing with stress, but these two methods are tried and true. What has worked for you? Comment below and tell us how you deal with stress.

–Dr. Aaron England

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Don’t spend all day staring at a screen

Dr. England’s Healthy Lifestyle Advice


One thing I constantly tell my kids is that they need to turn off their screens. Their whole lives revolve around the stupid glowing rectangles. Games, movies, annoying Caillou and even schoolwork are all there. They do good things with technology, things that make me impressed and jealous. When I was their age we were in awe because a neighbor could pick up a fifth TV station with their rabbit ears. Now my kids watch any episode of any show they could ever want. When confronted with a commercial they simply have no idea what is happening or how to skip it.

It is easy to tell my kids why they cannot spend all day staring at a screen, but the same reasons are even more true for myself. I rationalize my screen time with often true sentiments like “This email is important” or “This person on the internet is wrong, I have to tell him!”. The issue is not with technology itself but the ridiculous positions we assume while we use it. We are so used to seeing someone Pinteresting on their phone in a waiting room that we don’t even care that they are hunched over like Quasimodo. We don’t even think twice when we see someone hacking away on a computer with posture that would make their grandmother cry. Have you paid attention to how you hold your neck, shoulders, and hands as you scroll on Facebook for hours and hours while the kids kill each other in the other room?


The position that we us to checking our fantasy team causes a named condition: upper crossed syndrome. This image is to prove that I didn’t make it up (Rehabilitation of the Spine, Leibenson). Symptoms associated with UCS are headaches, neck pain, back pain, concentration issues, shoulder pain, tingling in the arms and hands, weakness in the arms and hands, tension, etc.. It sure seems like 99% of us deal with these issues in one way or another, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Changing how you watch cat videos is the first step, the second is to visit England Chiropractic. Your back and neck needs help beyond what you can do at home. We can help restore motion in the spinal joints and assist in reducing the tension in the muscles. Chiropractic care has been shown to be very effective in treating upper crossed syndrome, its associated symptoms and much more. I know from experience; I’m not only a chiropractor, I’m also an upper crossed survivor that typed this entry while hunched like a melting snowman.

-Dr. Aaron England

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