Our modern world can be brutal on our bodies. Everything we do tends to force us to look down, slump
our shoulders, and hold our arms out in front. Computers, phones, driving, and innumerable other tasks
put us in this position. It makes it worse that many of us ignore Grandma’s advice to quit slouching.
Almost everyone carries their head too far forward, their shoulders down, and their back arched. Deep
down inside we all fear that we will end up with a hunchback that makes Quasimodo look normal.

What can be done? How can we fight against the ravages of life and gravity? One of the questions I get
often is “should I buy a posture brace?”. These braces are designed to keep your shoulders back where
they are supposed to go. That sounds all fine and dandy, until you take it off. Do you know what
happens? You relax, and your shoulders go right back to where they were before. You haven’t taught
yourself anything, except how to suffer through an uncomfortable brace.

The best way to correct posture and get rid of the unfortunate pains that come with it, is to strengthen
your back. You can train your body to be good without you telling it to do so. I use an elastic tape, the
same kind that athletes use, to help remind patients to maintain proper posture. It doesn’t force them
back, but when they relax their shoulders it tugs enough to remind them to be better. That starts the
process of strengthening the back muscles. That, coupled with some simple stretches and exercises, can
train the body to stand how it was designed.

As you start to train your body, you might feel “stuck” or restricted when trying to stand up. That is
likely due to the years of incorrect posture causing dysfunction in your spine. Chiropractic adjustments
are valuable in increasing and maintaining proper movement in your back, further assisting you in your
quest for the perfect posture.

Real improvement in life takes effort. There are few things that can be improved through passive
activity. Great posture is something that can become natural, through a little self-awareness and